Project Handbook

Project Handbook



DCP Amendment Request Form
DCP Minor Amendment Date Change Request Form

These forms should be used when requesting amendments or due date changes to contracts, Interlocal Agreements, or scopes of work.


DCP Data Management Guidelines

This document provides guidelines for developing Data Management Plans, including describing data collection procedures, data management methods, processes to be used to ensure the accuracy and quality of the data, and the transfer of the data and its associated metadata to the County. If a deliverable, data submission requires a Deliverable Transmittal Form (DTF) and should be provided in the format specified in the contract or interlocal agreement.


DCP Organization Chart

This document provides contact information for DCP Staff.


        DCP and MSHCP 101

        DCP and MSHCP 101 PowerPoint

These documents provide a basic overview of the Desert Conservation Program and are provided for your information.


Work Plan Guidance

This document provides an outline, descriptions, and examples to be used for preparing and submitting a Work Plan.  

DCP Deliverable Transmittal Form (DTF)  

This form (DTF) should be used and accompany all deliverables, including quarterly reports.  Deliverables should be submitted electronically to  Files and deliverables that are unable to be submitted electronically should be submitted through United States Postal Service or other commercial delivery service.


DCP Glossary and Acronyms

This document provides a list and description of commonly used Desert Conservation Program terms and acronyms and is provided for your information. 


DCP Budget Summary Comparison Example (clicking the link will download the Excel fillable document)

This document provides an example of a budget summary comparison, outlining the total amount awarded, the amount expended to date, the current invoice amount, the total expenditures, and the remaining amount to be invoiced. It can be used as a template.  A budget summary comparison is required to be submitted with all invoices.  

DCP Example Fixed Fee Invoice

DCP Example Invoice Time & Materials

This document provides an example of a complete invoice for a time and materials project, showing the minimum information required. This document can be used as a template for your invoices.  

DCP Invoice Checklist

This document provides a checklist of the minimum information that is required for a complete invoice.  It should be used to ensure all requirements have been met before submitting your invoice.


DCP Biennium Progress Summary Report Format 

This format should be used when developing your Biennium Summary Report, as required for most projects. This deliverable requires a DTF form for submission.  

DCP Final Project Report Format

This format should be used when developing your Final Report, as required for all projects.  This deliverable requires a DTF form for submission.

DCP Quarterly Report Format

This format should be used when developing your quarterly reports, as required for all projects.  Please name and save your report by the project number and quarter month and year (2005-XXX-565-OCT2006).  Quarterly reports are submitted to the DCP Mailbox at, and require a DTF form for submission.  

DCP Final Project Review Summary Form and Project Claim Release Format

This document is required to be submitted at the completion of all funded projects or contracts.

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