Where to Stay Cool

Where to Stay Cool

Southern Nevada has among the hottest climates in the U.S. with temperatures regularly exceeding 100°F during summer months. Included on this map are community facilities and assets that can be accessed on hot days for refuge from the summer heat. Click on icons on the map for additional information.
Visit for resources and programs that can help address heat-related challenges.

Emergency cooling centers (denoted by red pins on the map) have been established throughout Southern Nevada during heatwaves for anyone seeking relief from heat. Cooling centers can be community centers, recreation centers, senior centers, and spaces offered by nonprofit service providers that provide water and serve as a safe, cool indoor place during the day for refuge from the heat.
Please note: Cooling center locations do change periodically, and while every effort will be made to update locations as needed, contacting a location to confirm its availability is highly recommended.

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