OpenWeb Questions

What Internet browser should I use with the latest version of OpenWeb

The new OpenWeb uses HTML5 and Javascript.  It is best rendered using the latest browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge).  

What version of OpenWeb am I using?

You can tell this by looking in the address/url section of your browser.  The text starts with http or https.  If you are using the New Javascript OpenWeb your url will be  If you are using the old Silverlight OpenWeb your url will be

Is there a quick tour for the OpenWeb application
Yes. Located here.
Can I use OpenWeb on my smartphone

Yes.  The new version of OpenWeb is useable on any device, including desktop, tablet, or smartphone capable of running current internet browsers.   

What is going on with the Silverlight Version of OpenWeb

The old OpenWeb application uses Silverlight, a technology that was retired by Microsoft.  Because of this, modern web browsers are not capable of displaying the old OpenWeb.  This resulted in a complete re-write of OpenWeb from the ground up.  The new Javascript OpenWeb is under continuous development and offers compatibility across all modern browsers, including smartphones and tablets. 

Can I still use the old Silverlight Version of OpenWeb

Yes.  The old version of OpenWeb Silverlight is still available for the time being.  We are working on retiring the application.  If you are trying to use the Silverlight Version of OpenWeb you will need to open the URL using Internet Explorer 11 or earlier, with Silverlight add-on installed.    

Map and Data Product Questions

Can I use the County Map services to make my own maps

Check out the link on how to use County Services with ArcGIS Online.

Can I use the County Map services with AutoCAD

Check out the link on how to use County Services with AutoCAD.

Can I talk to someone to ask questions about County GIS Services

Yes.  Call 702-455-3855 and we will try to answer your questions. 

Can I print a custom map (outside the scope of what is offered through OpenWeb)

Yes.  You can use the Clark County Map Maker located here

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