Members of the NV Bar may submit fillings for Formal Civil cases electronically via the Courts public access website.  Payment for filings can be made via credit card through PayPal. Convenience fees are charged by PayPal for all credit card transactions. 

Request an eFile Account

An account is required to access the eFile system and will be created upon request. Click here to access an account request form.

An Attorney Bar number, if applicable, may be added to the form associated with the account. The request and form should be emailed to BoulderCityJCPR@ClarkCountyNV.Gov

After an account has been granted, the eFile system can be accessed at

Instructions / Tutorials

A new case can be filed for either a Formal Civil or Confession of Judgement case.   Subsequent filings can be submitted for cases that have already been opened with the Court regardless of if the original filing was submitted electronically or not.

Getting Started                            New Case - Formal Civil            New - Confess Judgment        Subsequent Filings                 Default Judgments

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Rejected Filings

Image 6

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