Meet Allison Bustos

Meet Allison Bustos

TPOP Community Navigator: Allison Bustos

Student: Zack
School: Joseph Neal STEAM Academy ES
Referral Date: 1/22/2021
Case Closed: 6/22/2021
Days in TPOP Program: 150

Zack had been referred over to TPOP because he was missing an excessive amount of school. TPOP Navigator Allison did a home visit to troubleshoot what the issue was. Zack's mother said they were having a hard time accessing his classes. Allison discovered that all Zack needed was just a password reset and a tutorial on how to log into each of his classes. Zack also has a learning disability and had been attending speech therapy while normal school was in session. Allison helped communicate with the school the reasons as to why he has been absent from his classes and helped Zack's teacher get in better contact with mom for any future issues. Mom also asked Allison for any resources that could help her pay their electricity bill. Allison compiled a list of several resources for electric bill assistance and gave it to mom. Zack's attendance has drastically improved, and  let Allison know how much of a help TPOP has been.


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