Meet Yessika Acosta

Meet Yessika Acosta

TPOP Community Navigator: Yessika Acosta      

  • Student: Dominique
  • School: Somerset Academy – Skypointe Campus
  • Referral Date: 5/18/2020
  • Case Closed: 6/18/2021
  • Days in TPOP Program: 31

Dominique was referred to TPOP with 15 absences since the start of the school year. Dominique’s mother told Yessika that Dominique is very withdrawn and has thoughts of becoming a homeless teen rather than attending online school.  Mom said she was exasperated and has tried many things to help her daughters well being including taking Dominique to therapy and attending parent classes.  Mom was very eager to do whatever it took to prevent Dominique from turning to the streets. Yessika referred the family to the Shining Stars program and suggested putting Dominique in a public school rather than remain in the charter school. Mom quickly enrolled Dominique into the public High School zoned for their residence by the name of Western High School.  A check on attendance has proved extremely successful and Dominique has not been absent since enrolling.  Yessika has been doing weekly checks on the family and Mom was happy to report that their mother / daughter relationship has vastly improved and was very appreciative for the Shining Stars program and TPOP.

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