Healthcare Myths & The Truth

The Clark County Commission adopted a resolution at its September (2021) Board Meeting declaring COVID-19 misinformation a public health crisis. Misinformation has prolonged the pandemic, created a culture of mistrust, and continues to endanger the health and safety of the community.
COVID-19 Informational Videos
Howthevaxwasdevelopedsofastwbutton < Think vaccines were developed too fast? Here's more on the development process. GetTheVAXwbutton < Survivors describe their experience with COVID-19. Spanish30SecPSAwbutton < A 30-second PSA in Spanish on the benefit of getting vaccinated!
A 30-second PSA on why it's smart to get #theVAX! > 30SecPSAGEtVaxxedwbutton What if a simple conversation could save your life? > WhatIfASimpleConvoCouldwbutton Survivor Karla Washington talks about her experience with COVID-19. > KarlaWashingtonCovidSurvivorwbutton