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 Business License Highlights                                

New Amendments to Clark County Liquor Codes

See the Proposed Amendments to Clark County Liquor Codes 


New Transient Lodging Tax Rate Changes

ATTENTION TRANSIENT LODGING OPERATORS - Review information on upcoming transient lodging (ROOM TAX) rate increases relating to the Las Vegas Convention Center expansion and the Stadium construction.  

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO COLLECT THE ADDITIONAL TAX. Click here for more information.​

Drivers Can Now Apply Online!

All independent contractors driving for Network Transportation Companies OR for Delivery Services may now apply online!  Click here to apply.


Recycling Information 
For recycling opportunities and to encourage the reduction of waste, please click here to access the Clark County Recycles page on the Southern Nevada Health District website.​

Notice of Change to Online Payments Using ACH or E-Checks Effective June 1, 2016

PAYMENT PROCESSOR ALERT - Business License was recently notified by Wells Fargo that the name and originator ID # previously provided are incorrect. Please update your records with the correct information listed below:

Company Name - Clark County Bus    Originator ID # - 1886000028

Payment Processor Update - Wells Fargo Merchant Services, LLC will be processing Business License online payments beginning June 1, 2016.

If you are paying your license renewal or license application via ACH or E-Check and your account has a debit filter block (if unsure, contact your bank), please provide your bank the information above.

If the renewal payments are made in person or by check this message is not applicable to you.

Regulated Professional Promoters License Requirements
Professional Promoters who are promoting nightclubs are required to obtain the Regulated Professional Promoters License, pursuant to Clark County Code 6.56.010 (e).  Click here for additional required forms.

Application Instructions for Drivers - Independent Contractors.        

Businesses May Now Apply for, Renew & Manage Their Business Licenses Online  
Local business owners in unincorporated Clark County may now apply for, renew and manage their business licenses online.  We look forward to serving our business partners more efficiently and effectively through our online services.

Determine your business location's jurisdiction.

    10 Easy Steps

    Here's a 10-Step Guide to a Business License

     Find out the license fees for your type of business.

   Business License Fees by Business Activity


Application Forms:





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