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 Business License Highlights                                

New  Notice of Change to Online Payments Using ACH or E-Checks Effective April 1, 2016
****This announcement does not apply  to credit card payments made online.****
If you are paying your business license renewal or license application online via ACH or E-check, you will need to contact your bank in advance to determine whether your bank account has a debit block or filter.  If your account has a debit block or filter, you will need to provide this information to your financial institution to avoid any returned ACH or E-check  payments

Payment Processor Name - SPS
Originator ID - #1522077581

New Proposed Amendment to Clark County Code, Title 12, Chapter 12.43, to Prohibit Certain Items on the Strip During Select Holidays and Special Events 
The proposed ordinance amends Clark County Code Chapter 12.43 to prohibit certain items on the Las Vegas Strip on New Years’ Eve, on the Fourth of July, and during certain special events.  See Notification of Proposed Amendment of Clark County Code, Title 12, Chapter 12.43 and Proposed Ordinance  for additional information.

New Adopted Ordinance to Regarding all Peddlers, Professional Promoters, Solicitors and Canvassers
Read the Adopted Ordinance amending Chapter 6.56, to require all peddlers, professional promoters, solicitors and canvassers to carry identification, to limit the entry of peddlers,
professional promoters, solicitors, and canvassers upon residential property when signage prohibiting them has been posted; and to limit peddling, promotion, soliciting and canvassing on private property to the time between
9:00a.m. and 8:00p.m.  Click here for more details

Adopted Ordinance to Add a New Section Motor Transportation Network Company
Read the Adopted Ordinance amending Chapter 6.12 by adding a new section 6.12.722 Motor Transportation Network Company to require a motor Transportation network company to obtain a business license establish a business license fee; and providing for other matters properly relating thereto. Click here for more details.

Adopted Ordinance Regarding Drivers Who Are Independent Contractors
Read the Adopted Ordinance to Clark County Code Chapter 6.12, to provide for the licensure and payment of business license fees for drivers who are independent contractors that intend to provide transportation of goods, services and/or passengers within Clark County.  For more information, click here. 

Application Instructions for Drivers - Independent Contractors.

Proposed Amendment to Solicitor Code
The proposed ordinance amends Clark County Code Chapter 6.56 and applies to solicitors, vendors, peddlers and promoters while on private residential property. See Notification of Proposed Amendment of Clark County Code 6.56 and Proposed Ordinance for additional information. 

Special Use Permit Application Notification-Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Click here to receive the guidance from the Department of Comprehensive Planning.

Application Information - Medical Marijuana Establishments 
The Clark County Department of Business License has adopted a Business License ordinance to Title 8 of the Clark County Code by adding a new Chapter 8.60 ("Medical Marijuana Establishments") and amending Title 12, Section 12.06.030 and Title 24, Section 24.34.020 to establish regulations pertaining to the operation of medical marijuana establishments including operational requirements, business license fees, sales of certain paraphernalia and exemptions of watering restrictions and providing that certain acts are unlawful.

here for application instructions and required forms.

Medical Marijuana Establishments - List of Approved Special Use Permits

Tavern Ordinance
Read the Tavern Ordinance approved effective December 17, 2014

Department Guidance to Tavern Applicants and Licensees
The Department will be sending tavern licensees
letters, outlining their requirements under the new ordinance and their grandfathering status throughout the month of January. 

Businesses May Now Apply for, Renew & Manage Their Business Licenses Online  
Local business owners in unincorporated Clark County may now apply for, renew and manage their business licenses online.  We look forward to serving our business partners more efficiently and effectively through our online services.

Determine your business location's jurisdiction.

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