Bar_LGBusiness License Temporarily Allows Supper Clubs to Offer Curbside Service of Beer & Wine
The Clark County Department of Business License is allowing restaurants with a bar, which operate under a supper club license, to offer curbside service of beer and wine as long as the order includes food. More Information

17_GC_OudrArena-120Proposed Amendments to Wireless Communications Facilities in ROW
Read the Proposed Amendments to Clark County Code Title 5, Chapter 5.02 regarding Rights-Of-Way Management - Wireless Communications Facilities. More Information


Strip ViewMobile Billboard Business Application Update
Learn more about the suspension of accepting new license applications for mobile billboards and mobile billboard vehicles. More Information

Las VegasAdopted Ordinance to Mobile Billboard Businesses
Read the Adopted Ordinance to Clark County Code Title 7, Chapter 7.95, adding a new chapter for Mobile Billboard Businesses. More Information

Green Cross_60x60Proposed Amendments to Medical & Retail Cannabis Establishments
Read the notification letter and proposed amendment to Clark County Code Title 8, Chapter 8.60 & 8.65. More Information