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Current COVID-19 Mitigation Measures and Capacity Requirements from the State of Nevada and Governor's Office

Effective 12:00 a.m. on February 15, 2021, except as otherwise provided by other Sections of this Directive, the Nevada Governor signed Emergency Directive 037 adjusting statewide standards on gatherings and other areas.  See the most recent information regarding COVID-19 mitigation measures below:
Nevada’s Roadmap to Recovery Outline February 2021 (Directive 37)
Roadmap to Recovery Visual

Engaging in Business with Unlicensed Vendors or at Unauthorized Business Locations

This notification letter is to remind owners of licensed businesses that engaging in business with unlicensed vendors or at unauthorized business locations is prohibited, including at short-term rental locations.

Proposed Amendments to CCC 5.02 and 6.12

See the Proposed Amendments to CCC 5.02 and 6.12 regarding Rights-of-Way Management – Wireless Communications Facilities (Ch. 5.02) and Fees and Related Matters (Ch. 6.12)

Clark County Large Gathering Venue Plan Submission Guide

If you are in the process of planning a large gathering, please review the Clark County Large Gathering Venue Plan Submission Guide.

Proposed Amendments to CCC 8.60 and 8.65 

See the Proposed Amendments to CCC 8.60 and 8.65 regarding Medical and Retail Marijuana Establishments.

Regional Protocols for Bars, Restaurants & Food Establishments with Bars, Pubs, Taverns, Distilleries, Breweries and Wineries

Watch a video that explains the requirements for these businesses, and the protocols that the businesses must follow in Clark County.

Protocols Video Button
See the Protocols Regional Acknowledgment Form for additional information.


Proposed Amendments Regarding Combined Transient Lodging Tax

Read the Proposed Ordinance that amends Title 4, Chapter 4.08.

Governor's Directive

Read the Governor's Directive regarding essential vs. nonessential businesses.

Reopening Business Registration 
Ready to reopen your business? Please click on the button below to register:

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Reopening Guide Updates, May 15, 2020:

In coordination with Governor Sisolak’s “Nevada United: Roadmap to Recovery", we have prepared an update of the Reopening Guide for business owners.   With this updated version, we have done the following:

  1. Added more specific language to certain sections within “Industry Specific Information” from the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD).
  2. Fixed links in “Public Health and Safety Considerations” that were reported as broken or inaccessible.
  3. Added a link to new free Public Health and Safety Posters from Clark County Department of Community and Economic Development.
  4. Added information from FEMA’s “Planning Considerations for Organizations in Reconstituting Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic” to the following sections: Considerations Before Reopening, Physical Facility, and Public Health and Safety Considerations
  5. Added a link to FEMA’s “Planning Considerations for Organizations in Reconstituting Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic” to Contact Numbers and Technical Assistance Section
See downloadable public health safety fliers in English and Spanish.

See translations in various languages below:

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Resort Hotel 
The Department of Business License has posted its Clark County Resort Hotel Re-Opening Application for all resort hotels intending to resume gaming operations subsequent to the lifting of the Governor's mandated closures.

Tavern/Full Bar/Supper Club Restaurant
All businesses intending to resume operations subsequent to the Clark County Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board’s approved resolution need to complete the Clark County Tavern/Full Bar/Supper Club Restaurant Application for Waiver of Operating Requirements due to the COVID-19 emergency.

Scan the completed form and email to

 Important Information Regarding Business License Fee Payments During COVID-19 Emergency
Read important information regarding business license payments during the COVID-19 emergency.  Click here for more information.