Business License Highlights

Current COVID-19 Mitigation Measures from the State of Nevada and Governor's Office
The most recent COVID-19 mitigation measures, including the most recent Emergency Directives provided by the State of Nevada and the Governor's office, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the Nevada Health Response Website. Current Status: Mitigation Measures available here.

Clark County Local Mitigation and Enforcement Plan and Large Gathering Event Updates
As of Sept. 2, 2021, a new directive (Directive 050 and related guidance) was issued from the State of Nevada and the Governor's office regarding Large Gathering Events as an update to the previous Directive 049. This new directive authorizes an exemption option to the face covering requirement for large gathering events and conventions that require all attendees to be vaccinated. Eligible events operators who wish to hold an event where fully vaccinated persons are not required to wear face coverings pursuant to this guidance must submit a Large Event Masking Exception COVID-19 Certification Form. The certification form must be submitted to the State Department of Business and Industry and to the applicable local health authority. This is related to the recent Directive 047 and related guidance which as of July 30, 2021 the State’s face covering mandate was updated after the CDC recommended that everyone wear a face covering in public indoor settings in counties with substantial or high transmission regardless of vaccination status.

Proposed Amendments to CCC 8.20  
See the Proposed Amendments to CCC 8.20 regarding Liquor License Regulations (specifically Liquor Delivery) and related matters.

Updated Information About General License Applications for Dental Facilities
As of August 1, 2021, a Dental Practice Inventory and Certification Form must be completed by all dental facilities when applying for a general business license in accordance with regulations from the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a one-time certification to ensure mercury is not being introduced into the water systems. The form is due 90 days following the introduction of wastewater into the publicly owned treatment works (POTW). Forms can be obtained from the Clark County Water Reclamation District Website, or by emailing 

Business License to Offer Office Hours One Day a Month in Laughlin, NV Location Beginning July 14, 2021

Presented by Commissioner Michael Naft, the department of Business License will begin offering in-person assistance one day a month at the Laughlin, NV office location beginning July 14, 2021 through December 1, 2021. Get questions answered and assistance with General, Regulated, and Special Events license processing. Office location is at the Laughlin Regional Government Center, 101 Civic Way, Laughlin, NV 89029. For more information, including dates and office hours, please call 702-298-0828 or view the flier here. 

Unlawful to Serve Alcohol to Any Intoxicated Person and/ or Allow Any Person to Operate a Vehicle After Becoming Intoxicated

This notification letter is to remind owners of licensed businesses with a liquor license that it is unlawful for any liquor licensee to serve liquor to any intoxicated person and to allow any person to operate a vehicle after becoming intoxicated. 

Engaging in Business with Unlicensed Vendors or at Unauthorized Business Locations
This notification letter is to remind owners of licensed businesses that engaging in business with unlicensed vendors or at unauthorized business locations is prohibited, including at short-term rental locations.

Resort Hotel 
The Department of Business License has posted its Clark County Resort Hotel Re-Opening Application for all resort hotels intending to resume gaming operations subsequent to the lifting of the Governor's mandated closures.

Tavern/Full Bar/Supper Club Restaurant
All businesses intending to resume operations subsequent to the Clark County Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board’s approved resolution need to complete the Clark County Tavern/Full Bar/Supper Club Restaurant Application for Waiver of Operating Requirements due to the COVID-19 emergency.

Scan the completed form and email to

 Important Information Regarding Business License Fee Payments During COVID-19 Emergency
Read important information regarding business license payments during the COVID-19 emergency.  Click here for more information.

Clark County Provides Multiple Halloween Event Opportunities Throughout October

Clark County Unveils Draft Master Plan as Part of `Transform Clark County' Effort

Small Business Job Fair on Nov. 6, Offering Many $15/hr Jobs and $500 Signing Bonuses