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Adopted Ordinances Related to Business Licensing

Adopted Ordinances Related to Business Licensing

Clark County Code Adopted Ordinances Related to Business Licensing
Each of these adopted ordinances have been formally introduced before the Board of County Commissioners or the Liquor & Gaming Licensing Board, as applicable. Following introduction, the Board scheduled the date and time for a public hearing. All written comments received by the Department were provided to the Board for consideration at the public hearing. In addition, anyone who wished to speak at the public hearing was able to do so by filling out a comment card the day of the hearing. Following the public hearing, the Board formally considered the proposed amendment and moved for adoption into Clark County Code.

For additional information about proposed amendments by Business License, upcoming meetings of the Board of County Commissioners and the Liquor & Gaming Licensing Board, please see County Meeting Agendas.

Adopted Ordinances
Adopted On (Date) Adopted Ordinance Regarding Clark County Code (Title and Chapter) Signed Ordinance
June 21, 2022 Short-Term Rental Units and Accommodations Facilitators Title 4, Chapter 4.08
Title 6, Chapter 6.12
Title 7 - Business Regulations
Title 30, Chapter 30.44
Ordinance Adopted June 21, 2022
Available Here

Amendment Adopted April 4, 2023
Available Here
Dec. 20, 2022 Cannabis Consumption Lounges Title 8, Chapter 8.65 Codified
Jan. 3, 2023  Spirit-based Products Title 8, Chapter 8.20 Codified
March 21, 2023 Distance Restrictions for Tavern Licenses Title 8, Chapter 8.20 Ordinance Adopted March 21, 2023 Available Here
Amendment Adopted June 20, 2023
Available Here
May 16, 2023 Special Events Title 6, Chapter 6.12
Title 6, Chapter 6.20
Title 6, Chapter 6.30
Title 6, Chapter 6.36
Title 6, Chapter 6.48
Title 6, Chapter 6.56
Title 6, Chapter 6.65
Title 6, Chapter 6.67
Title 8, Chapter 8.20
Available Here

The Clark County Department of Business License makes every effort to produce and publish the most current and accurate information possible.  However, no warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the data herein, its use, or its interpretation.  Issuance of a business license is not an endorsement of the business practices of the licensee.

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