Administrative Services

We perform a wide range of services for the public, the County Commission, and the County Manager. Some of our services include: 
  • Functioning as an internal analytical consulting team to the County Commission and the County Manager on public policy and organizational issues;
  • Analyzing the impact of legislative changes to Clark County and representing the public policy positions of the County Commission to state and federal lawmakers;
  • Providing code enforcement, graffiti abatement, and animal control services to the public;
  • Improving the safety of Clark County parks through the efforts of Park Police;
  • Ensuring the procurement of construction as well as goods and services at the best possible price to maximize the value of the taxpayers’ dollars;
  • Managing the Laughlin Administrative Offices on behalf of the County Commission and the County Manager;
  • Providing high-quality training to Clark County employees at all levels of the organization; and
  • Serving the County by promoting health and safety, ensuring environmental protection, and complying with regulatory requirements.