Goodsprings Citizens Advisory Council (CAC)

The Goodsprings Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) was created by the County Commission. The Goodsprings CAC is responsible for providing input regarding various matters in the Goodsprings area, forwarding concerns or problems to the County Commission, assisting in long-term planning, and disseminating information to the residents of the Goodsprings area. 

2021 Meetings
The Goodsprings CAC meetings are open to the public. Attendees are welcome and encouraged to bring their concerns regarding the Goodsprings area to the meetings. Two (2) sections of the meeting agenda are reserved for public input. 

Meetings are held on the Tuesday preceding the first (1st) Tuesday of the month, 7:30 p.m. Additional special call meetings may be held as needed. 

Goodsprings Community Center, 375 San Pedro St., Goodsprings, Nevada 89019

Meeting Dates, Agendas, Back-Up Materials, Minutes, and Audio
For questions regarding the agenda and supporting materials provided to the Goodsprings CAC, contact Jeri Pinkerton by email at, or by phone at (702) 874-1131

Agenda Posting Location:

Note: Audio recordings only work with Internet Explorer 10 or higher. If you have questions regarding the audio recordings, please contact the County Liaison listed below. 


10/26/21 Meeting Cancelled Agenda      
09/28/21 Regular Meeting Agenda       Audio      
08/31/21 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes       Audio      
07/27/21 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes       Audio      
06/29/21 Meeting Cancelled Agenda      
05/25/21 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes       Audio      
04/27/21 Regular Meeting Agenda       Audio      
03/30/21 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes       Audio      
02/23/21 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes       Audio      
01/26/21 Meeting Cancelled

10/27/20 Regular Meeting Agenda      
09/29/20 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes       Audio      
08/25/20 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Audio      
07/28/20 Agenda       Packet      
06/30/20 Agenda       Packet      
02/25/20 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Audio      
01/28/20 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Audio      

10/29/19 Agenda      
09/24/19 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Audio      
08/27/19 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Audio      
07/30/19 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Audio      
06/25/19 Agenda       Minutes      
05/28/19 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Audio      
04/30/19 Agenda       Minutes       Audio      
03/26/19 Agenda       Minutes       Audio      
02/26/19 Agenda       Minutes       Audio      
01/29/19 Agenda       Minutes       Audio      

11/27/18 Meeting Cancelled Agenda      
11/27/18 Agenda      
10/30/18 Meeting Cancelled Agenda      
09/25/18 Agenda       Minutes       Audio      

Goodsprings CAC Information
Commissioner: Justin Jones (District F)
Department: Administrative Services
Authority: County
Term Length: 2-years
Total Seats: 3 or 5


Current Members
Member Position
Monica Nordhof Chairperson
Shannon Wiegand Vice Chairperson
Colleen Hicks Member
Deborah Smith Member
Dyann Widman Member

County Liaison
Still have questions? Contact the County Liaison to the Goodsprings CAC: