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Last Revised September 14, 2021

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Document/Report Filing Schedules for Candidates

The due dates for "Campaign Contributions and Expenses Reports" and "Statements of Financial Disclosure" are on the Secretary of State's website: Important C&E Due Dates.

Candidates for state, county, city and district offices (with certain limited exceptions) are required to electronically file "Campaign Contributions and Expenses Reports" and non-judicial "Statements of Financial Disclosure" with the Nevada Secretary of State by the applicable due dates.

Judicial candidates must file a "Judicial Statement of Financial Disclosure" with the Administrative Office of the Courts by the applicable due dates.

In the 2019 legislative session, laws were amended that will have an impact reporting requirements for candidates. SB557 made various changes in regard to Campaign Contributions and Expenses Reports. AB452 revised requirements for Statements of Financial Disclosure in regard to persons appointed to public office, including appointments to unexpired terms of elected offices.

Contact the Secretary of State’s office for more information.

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