Field Registrars

Last Updated January 23, 2023
Field Registrars are volunteers trained by the Election Department to register qualified voters on behalf of the Registrar of Voters.  Field Registrars cannot engage in partisan activities while representing the Election Department.


To become a Field Registrar, you must:
  • Be a registered voter in Clark County
  • Not be a candidate for nomination or election
  • Not be laboring under any felony conviction or other loss of civil rights
  • Have photo identification
  • Successfully complete Field Registrar training

Prospective Field Registrars must attend about two hours of training on the lawful conduct of their activities, including:
  • Policies, procedures, and restrictions 
  • Deadlines
  • Custody of registration materials
Applicants must pass a brief written examination at the end of the training session. Successful applicants must sign a Field Registrar Oath and will receive an identification badge to wear while registering voters.

Classes For New And Existing Field Registrars
Class Schedule

The Election Department is currently scheduling voter registration classes for those interested in becoming a Field Registrar. If you are interested in attending one of our upcoming Field Registrar voter registration classes, please download and review the training class schedule brochure for 2023, and contact Daniel Moralez at (702) 455-0076 or at for more information or to schedule a class.

Existing Field Registrars

Existing Field Registrar badges are now currently good for 2 years and will expire on June 30, 2023. If you did not attend one of our voter registration classes in 2021 and would still like to continue as a Field Registrar, you are required to attend a Field Registrar Training class in order to renew your badge and update your Field Registrar status.  Please contact Daniel Moralez at (702) 455-0076 or at for more information or to schedule a class.  

Classes for Groups or Organizations Conducting Registration Drives

Groups and organizations that wish to register voters, but do not want to become Field Registrars, may obtain mail-in Voter Registration Applications for registration drives, upon meeting certain conditions. These groups may make arrangements to attend a mail-in Voter Registration Application distribution class (when available) in lieu of a field registrar class. Please contact Daniel Moralez at (702) 455-0076 or at for more information.  

Existing Field Registrars
"Notice of Intent"

On or before a date yet to be determined, all currently appointed Field Registrars must account for the unused Voter Registration Applications that he or she did not return to the Clark County Registrar of Voters, per NRS 293.505(5). To meet this requirement, Field Registrars must complete and submit a "Notice of Intent" form by the above deadline. The form also provides notification of whether the person intends to continue serving as a Field Registrar.  You may print the "Notice of Intent" form when it becomes available from our website.

Updating your Field Registrar Application
You may update your Field Registrar application information at any time by printing, completing and submitting a "Field Registrar Application Update" form. Please contact Daniel Moralez at (702) 455-0076 or at for more information.  

Unlawful Acts / Prohibitions
See our page on Unlawful Acts/Prohibitions for Field Registrars to review Federal and State laws, violations, punishments, and penalties.