The purpose of the All-In Clark County Transportation Electrification Working Group (TEWG) is to develop, coordinate and implement local programs and strategies to support transportation electrification in Southern Nevada in an equitable manner. 

TEWG’s initial focus will be transforming the passenger/light duty transportation sector to EVs, leveraging the experience of Clark County and other advanced public and private fleets. Future phases may tackle the following transportation sectors: other public agency fleets, medium and heavy-duty vehicles and transportation network companies.  

TEWG will also serve as a forum to increase the community’s literacy and competency regarding EVs, EV charging infrastructure, utility regulations affecting EV infrastructure, and the costs of EV infrastructure.

Finally, TEWG will serve as a coordinating body that can position the region to take full advantage of utility, state and federal funding opportunities related to infrastructure, clean energy, transportation electrification and EVs.