Help Create A Lasting 1 October Memorial

Help Create A Lasting 1 October Memorial

Thank you to all who participated in the first phase of our process for creating a lasting 1 October memorial. In July 2022, Clark County and the 1 October Memorial Committee kicked off a Three-Phase process to develop a concept for a memorial. The public, individual artists and professional design teams were invited to participate through our calls for Creative Expressions, Qualifications (Professional RFQ Teams), and Evaluators. Five design teams selected in Phase 1 of our process are now at work developing concepts for a memorial. Their proposals will be unveiled to the public in June 2023. You are invited to reach out to the design teams to participate in community engagement and outreach opportunities they may be hosting. Contact information for each team is listed on our website. Our goal is to develop a memorial that remembers the events of the tragedy that occurred at Route 91 Harvest Music Festival on October 1, 2017. The memorial will honor the lives lost and pay tribute to the survivors, first responders and everyday heroes who inspired the national with their bravery while also recognizing the resiliency and compassion of our community. We appreciate your interest and support in this effort to create a Memorial to Remember" for our community.

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