Licensing Complaints

The Clark County Department of Business License has the authority to investigate complaints regarding licensed and unlicensed businesses in the unincorporated area of Clark County. This authority generally relates to a determination of whether a business has a Clark County business license and whether that license is the proper license for the business activities being conducted.

The Department on the other hand has no jurisdiction to investigate alleged criminal activities, the general business practices of a business, quality of workmanship, pricing of goods and services, monies owed, hours of business operation, and/or of the availability of a business operator to respond to complaints.

How to File a Complaint

Step 1:  Use the Jurisdiction Locator to determine if the business falls under the unincorporated area of Clark County.   

Step 2:  If your complaint is in regard to a business located outside our jurisdiction (the incorporated cities within Clark County), you may reach their business licensing departments through the links listed below:

Boulder City  


Las Vegas     

North Las Vegas

Step 3:
If your complaint is regarding a business located within our jurisdiction (the unincorporated area of Clark County), you may click here to access our complaint registration system Fix It Clark County.

If you prefer not to file your complaint online, you can also call the Business License dedicated complaint line at (702) 455-6562.

Important Note:  Business License cannot handle civil matters and does not recover funds on your behalf.  The business license codes require that proper legal procedures be followed when taking any action against a licensee.

Step 4:  For issues within our jurisdiction involving matters other than licensing, you may contact the following Clark County Departments: 
                                     Animal Control
                                     Building Department
                                     Code Enforcement
                                     Environment & Sustainability
                                     Fire Prevention Department
                                     Zoning Department

In order to assist you in resolving these types of complaints, we have provided links to other informative and regulatory agencies below:

                                    Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada
                                    Department of Motor Vehicles 
                                    Department of Taxation           
                                    Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
                                    Secretary of State
                                    Southern Nevada Health District
                                    United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

State of Nevada Agencies & Departments: 

                                    Attorney General, Bureau of Consumer Protection    
                                    Contractor's Board                                             
Department of Business & Industry: 

                                    Athletic Commission        
                                    Dairy Commission                                               
                                    Financial Institutions                                           
                                    Industrial Relations                                              
                                    Insurance Division                                               
                                    Labor Commissioner                                             
                                    Real Estate Division                                             
                                    Taxicab Authority                                                
                                    Transportation Services Authority