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Important Update

      • You may submit your forms and documentation by Email to  AOCustomerServiceRequests@ClarkCountyNV.gov  It’s a quick and easy way to conduct your business with the Assessor’s Office.
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Satellite Offices

Now open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed from 12-1).  For more information, please view the Contact Us page.


Personal Property Declarations
Online Filing of Personal Property

Post Card- FNL Print-Logo-5-29-2018-proof_Page_1Personal Property postcards have been mailed to businesses of record as of July 1.  If you did not receive a postcard by July 15, please call our Appraisal Division at (702) 455-4997.

Tax Cap (Abatement) Notice
In 2005, the Nevada State Legislature passed a law to provide property tax relief.  Assembly Bill 489 provides for a partial abatement which limits annual tax increases on an owner's primary residence to no more than 3%, and for all other properties, no more than 8%.  This is referred to as the "tax cap".

The Assessor's Office mails out Tax Cap Abatement Notices to residential property owners who purchased property or had a change in ownership after July 1 in Clark County.  These property owners may be eligible for the primary tax cap rate for the upcoming fiscal year.  Property owners may submit a claim by signing the bottom portion of the letter and returning it to the Assessor's Office by mail, online, or in person.  You can also check your tax cap percentage by visiting the Treasurer's webpage.  If your tax cap rate is stated incorrectly, please call the Assessor's Office at (702) 455-3882.

If you returned a tax cap card to our office to have your property tax cap corrected, please be advised that the 3% tax cap may not immediately show on your tax bill due to the high volume of requests received.  You will receive an amended bill from the Treasurer’s Office once your tax cap has been updated.

As homeowners, you are always able to correct your tax cap if it is incorrect.  You will not be permanently set at 8%.  Once your property becomes your primary residence, your 3% tax cap is set for all billing years going forward.  It will only change if you make any changes to the ownership on your parcel (i.e. remove or add someone to title).  You have until June 30, 2024 to correct your tax cap for this year (2023-2024).   

Watch this video explaining Property Tax Cap percentages

Exemption Renewal Cards

The Assessor's Office is excited to announce that all exemption holders may now renew their exemptions online.  Renewal cards will be mailed beginning October 7th.  To renew using the online program, use the access code printed on your renewal card.  All responses must be submitted by the June 15th deadline.  If you do not receive your renewal card by November 15th, please contact our Customer Service Division at (702) 455-3882.  Use our link below for more information on our property tax exemption programs for Surviving Spouses, Veterans, Disabled Veterans and Blind Persons:


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