TAB/CAC Resource Manual

The Town Advisory Board (TAB)/Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) Resource Manual was designed to provide TAB and CAC members with information and links to valuable resources that will aid them as they conduct TAB/CAC business. The manual consists of six (6) sections. 

If you have questions related to the TAB/CAC Resource Manual, contact your County liaison

2020 Annual Training:

Watch videos from the 2019-2020 TAB/CAC Training Session and review updated sections of the TAB/CAC Resource Manual. The session has been organized in nine (9) parts. You may view each by clicking the title. Presentations and handouts used in each speaker's training section have also been provided below.

Once you have completed watching all parts of the training, please click on this Training Acknowledgement Form, print it, initial and sign it, and return it to your respective County liaison.

1. Welcome/Overviews of

(Updated February 2020) 
4. Chair/Vice Chair Roles
7. TAB/CAC Resource Manual and GIS
(Updated February 2020) 
  (Updated January 2019   
(Tales of the Gavel)
2. Oath of Office
(Updated January 2019) 
5. Professionalism and Meeting Protocol 
(Updated February 2020) 
8. Planning 2.0
(Updated February 2020) 
3. Roles of Liaison, Secretary and TAB/CAC Presentation
(Updated January 2019)
6. Ethics, Open Meeting Law
(Updated February 2020)
9. Closing Comments
(Updated February 2020)
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  (Deputy DA Steven Sweikert Presentation)  

1. Overview:

2. Planning Procedures: