Encroachment Permitting

Encroachment Permit Issuance Procedures

  1. The applicant has completed an application for a permit on the forms provided by the Department of Public Works and has submitted all plans, engineering calculations and other data that is required and applicant has agreed in writing to comply with all conditions as stated on permit;
  2. The applicant is the owner, utility company, contractor or other individual who is properly licensed for performance of work within public right-of-way. (We will only accept applications and issue permits to the representatives you authorize.);
  3. A traffic control plan has been approved by the Department of Public Works that ensures the work will not unreasonably interfere with vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the demand and necessity for parking spaces, and the ingress and egress from the affected or adjacent properties and rights-of-way in accordance with Section 30.32. The traffic control plan shall conform to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the manual entitled Nevada Work Zone Control Handbook, 1985 Edition. An approved traffic control plan is to be submitted with the encroachment permit application unless using the Standard Traffic Control plans in the Uniform Standard Specifications For Public Works Construction Off-Site Improvements, Clark County Area, Nevada, and Clark County Supplement to Uniform Standard Drawings and Specifications. (The typical review time is two days, major projects and road closures will take more time.);
  4. Three sets of plans for the proposed work, including three copies of the application and three copies of construction traffic control plan in accordance with Section 30.32.140(c), have been reviewed and approved by the Department of Public Works. (This information may be provided as a sketch on 8 ½” x 11” paper, all utility work will require approval by the applicable agency.);
  5. All necessary fees and deposits have been made in accordance with Chapters 30.80 and 30.32. ($75 encroachment permit application fee, inspection fee of 4.375 percent of the estimated cost of the work or $225, whichever is greater.) A cash deposit may be required in accordance with provisions of Section 30.32.160. (The deposit will be required due to special circumstances on the permit and/or the applicant.), and:
  6. The applicant is not currently in default on an existing permit. If an applicant is currently in default, the application will be denied until final resolution of the defaulted permit either by completing the work or in the event the county has already completed the work, reimbursing the county for costs incurred exceeding the deposits posted in accordance with Chapter 30.32. (If old permits cannot be resolved, new permits will be not be issued.)
  7. Additional requirements

    Faxed permit application cannot be accepted unless covered by separate agreement.
  8. The $75 encroachment permit review fee is required to be paid at the time the application is submitted.
  9. Permit must be picked up within 15 calendar days of notification. If the permit is not picked up within the allotted time, a new application package will be required and new permit review fees assessed.
  10. Extensions of time will be granted if requested, and justified, in writing, prior to the expiration date. Extensions of time will require that the applicant submit a new traffic control plan, and pay a new $75 encroachment permit application fee. Extensions of time will be granted for 30 days OR the length of time approved on the barricade plan. Only one (1) extension will be granted per permit. Additional time requests will be treated as new applications, and therefore require new complete application packages and fees.