Geotechnical/Materials/Storm Drain

Construction Management Development Division completes the Geotechnical, Materials and Storm Drain reviews for Developer/Property owner Off-site Improvement projects.  These reviews typically involve Preliminary Pavement Section Design, Final Pavement Design Section, Select Backfill, Native in Lieu of Type I, Type III Trench Backfill, Rip Rap, In-place Asphalt Quality Report as well as Storm Drain Video Review.

Any required fee(s) for soil/asphalt review(s) is/are to be paid prior to or at the time of submittal in accordance with Title 30 Table 30.80-5.

All submittals are to be correctly/fully filled out to ensure a proper review.  Use submittal forms listed below:
Geotechnical/Materials Submittal Form
Storm Drain Submittal Form

Current IQAC approved materials list:

Materials Testing Frequency:
Table 1 Materials Testing Frequency

Expedite Review
Be advised that Expedited Reviews are available on a case by case basis.  Should you need to expedite your review please contact staff via email at prior to document submittal to receive formal acceptance of your request.  Acceptance notification to be included with submittal package.  Any and all fees are to be paid at the time of submittal.
Expedite Request Form

If you have questions, Quality Assurance-Materials Sections staff can be reached via telephone at (702)-455-4902 or via email at