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Monument Tie Map

Monument Tie Map

Monument Tie Map
A monument tie map is a record of survey prepared by a professional land surveyor showing all survey monuments that are required to be set per any development (i.e. subdivision map and/or off-site plans) with ties to the monuments.  A bond may require a monument tie map to record showing the setting of monuments prior to release.  The monument tie map must reference the off-site number and/or subdivision map number requiring the monuments to be set.

Send e-mail to ccpwmapteam@ClarkCountyNV.gov and stevew@ClarkCountyNV.gov attaching proposed monument tie map.  Once approved, you will then take to the Recorder’s Office and record.  Upon recordation, provide copy of recorded monument tie map at completion via e-mail.  Once copy of recorded monument tie map is received, the survey portion of the bond will then be released.

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