Homemaker Services

Homemaker Services

The Homemaker Home Health Aide Program provides short and long term homemaking and personal care services to county residents, with home health aides functioning as members of a team of professionals to provide homemaker home health and/or social services. The H.H.H.A. program is based upon the principle that in-home care can help preserve or improve the quality of clients' daily lives and reduce the need for unnecessary institutionalization. Designed to help the aging or disabled persons needing personal care and assistance with housekeeping routines remain in their own homes, the program assists families and individuals to achieve or maintain self-sufficiency and decreases the demand for custodial care.

Homemaker service includes:

  • Shopping for groceries and medications, meal preparation and planning, laundry, personal hygiene in the form of baths (help with tub baths or showers and bed baths) and light house cleaning.                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Services not provided are moving heavy furniture, lifting more than forty pounds, washing windows, walls, etc., shopping for household items or clothing, dispensing medication, yard work, work outside the home, seasonal cleaning or performing tasks that require skilled nursing training.   

Clark County Social Service (C.C.S.S.) contracts with private agencies for homemaker services. These services provide coverage during weekends, holidays, and evening hours, as well as regular working hours. Eligibility for H.H.H.A. services is determined in accordance with C.C.S.S. eligibility rules for medical assistance, and an individualized plan of care. For more information about the H.H.H.A. program, please contact the program office at (702) 455-4270 or use the Email option below to send your request or referral to the program administrator:

Download the In-Home Services Agency Handbook
Download the HHHA Referral Form. 

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