Long Term Care

Services Provided  
Clark County Social Service (CCSS) assists in securing appropriate long term care placement for any Clark County residents who are unable to function in independent living due to medical problems. Long term care includes adult day care, group care/assisted living, skilled/custodial care nursing facilities.  Requests for services may be received from facilities, hospitals in the community, CCSS workers, other agencies who have knowledge of potential long term care cases, families of persons in need of care, or clients applying in their own behalf. Placement is arranged into the appropriate type of setting best able to meet each client's individual needs, and in accordance with established level of care criteria.

Financial Criteria or Guidelines
There are no fees for long term care placement services, however, a patient liability (the amount the patients are to pay from their income towards their care) is established from the patient's available income.  All other programs available to assist with payments of long term care are pursued prior to CCSS authorizing long term care payment, including eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or self-pay.

For more information about the Long Term Care Placement, please contact the program office at Clark County Social Service at (702) 455-8645 or use the email option below to send your request to the program administrator.
Long Term Care Application