Massage & Reflexology

Massage and Reflexology

Welcome to the Massage and Reflexology division!  We are here to regulate and license the practice of massage therapy, reflexology to protect public health and safety.  

Are you a qualified competent massage therapist or reflexologist and wish to apply for a business license?  Are you planning to open a massage or reflexology establishment?  Make sure you are licensed in the State of Nevada and are in compliance with the standards set forth within the massage therapy profession. 

Massage and Reflexology Related Business License Types:

Independent Massage Therapist
The practice of massage by a massage therapist as defined in Clark County Code who is not an employee of a massage business, chair massage business or massage establishment; who hires no employees; and who must obtain both a business license from the department and a valid work card from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Certified Reflexologist                                                                                                        
A person who uses special pressure techniques on the reflexes in the human feet, hands and ears and who has studied the principles of reflexology, anatomy and physiology generally included in a regular course of study of reflexology.  Certified Reflexologists are required to obtain a license from the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy as an individual reflexologist.

Massage Establishment
Any fixed place of business where the practice of massage provides the primary source of income or compensation for the business.  A person designated as the manager in charge shall be on the premises at all times of operation and must submit a Designated Manager Form for Massage Establishment or Massage Business Owners form.

Reflexology Establishment
A Reflexology Establishment means any fixed place of business where any individual, firm, association, partnership, corporation, or combination of individuals, engages in, conducts, carries on, or pemits to be engaged in or conducted, for money or any other consideration, any reflexology services, including any businesses that provide reflexology as an accessory service to their principal permitted use.    

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Required Forms for Massage/Reflexology Businesses

Application for Massage Establishment/Massage Business: Applicant/Owner is Not a Massage Therapist
If you will be owning/operating massage business or massage establishment and not personally administering massage, you must sign an affidavit and have it properly notarized. It is unlawful to administer massage in unincorporated Clark County unless or until you have been issued a work identification card for massage therapy by the LVMPD.  The Designated Manager Form for Massage Establishment or Massage Business Owners is required.

Designated Manager Form for Reflexology                         
This form is required for businesses involving reflexology.

Helpful Tool
Checklist for Massage and Reflexology
  • Massage and  Reflexology Checklist
    Use this checklist on businesses that regulate and license the practice of massage therapy, reflexology to protect public health and safety.