From Zero to 60 and Beyond

From Zero to 60 and Beyond

exhibit-from-zero-to-60-and-beyond-500-5-2019Clark County invites you to come celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Las Vegas Convention Center!!

Reception for the exhibit "From Zero to 60 and Beyond" THIS FRIDAY MAY 3RD FORM 6-8PM at the Government Center Rotunda Gallery. 500 S Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89155

The exhibition dates are from May 1- June 4, 2019

In the photo exhibition "From Zero to 60 and Beyond," the Las Vegas News Bureau celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), looking back at the events that shaped its history and taking a peek at the innovation that will define its future. A project originally intended to fill hotel rooms between busy weekends, the LVCC catapulted Las Vegas from a vacation spot in the 1950s to a leading business destination, which today hosts 6.5 million convention attendees annually. With a major renovation and expansion underway rolling out over the next five years, this exhibition salutes the Southern Nevadans whose vision evolved Las Vegas into the vital community and worldwide meeting and travel destination it is today, and those whose leadership continues to fuel Las Vegas' success into the future. 

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