Kim McTaggart- Cu Again : Automata

Kim McTaggart- Cu Again : Automata

exhibit-kimmctaggart-cuagainautomata-350-2017Kim McTaggart – "Cu Again : Automata"
September 11, 2017 – November 3, 2017
Clark County Government Center Rotunda Gallery,
500 S. Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89101
(Facility hours: M-F 8 AM - 5 PM)

Opening Reception on September 22, 2017 6-8PM  (Talk starts at 6:30PM)

"Cu Again : Automata", an exhibit of metal art objects, often whimsical in nature, include works made of silver, copper, bronze, brass, niobium, enamel, gold, stones, non-precious metals and wood. The intention and hope of the artist is to create and allow the observer to see and feel a magical energy within the gallery space. As if they have discovered their very own "buried" treasure. To ignite curiosity! Perhaps, to ask the questions- What is this object before me? Where did the idea for it come from? How was it made? If it moves such as an automata piece, then how is it that it moves? The exhibit is intended to be a bridge into a visual storybook created by transforming the familiar into the unfamiliar through a language created from metals.

Kim McTaggart was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to the United States in 1984. It was in Phoenix, Arizona that she discovered metalworking and learned to fabricate, cast, anodize and enamel metal. Later she moved to Las Vegas and enrolled at the College of Southern Nevada. It was here that Art Professor, Joanne Vuillemot, taught her the process of "raising metal" to form a vessel. After taking several workshops at the Arrowmont School of Craft, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, her passion for making objects, has expanded to include moving objects.

 For more information, please call Winchester Cultural Center, 702-455-7340, or Clark County Public Art, 702-455-8685.

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