Exhibit: SIZABLE

Exhibit: SIZABLE

Various Artists
Monday, June 21 through Thursday, July 29, 2021

exhibit-sizeable-2021An artist reception will be provided on Thursday, July 22 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  

A selection of small size, big idea artworks created by thirty-eight local artists tasked with keeping their artworks under twelve inches in every dimension

These artworks use inventive media such as aluminum, cellophane, charcoal, photography, ceramic, and paint. The call for submissions was not thematically bound, allowing these artists to explore such diverse subjects as personal identity, life experience, and social injustice; or simply explore their worlds and thoughts through personal craft.

“Clark County is home to an abundance of talented artists and creators,” said Commissioner Michael Naft. “This exhibit offers visitors an opportunity to view big concepts in a small format without limitations.”

This exhibition has been juried by John Barry, Regional Director of Kevin Barry Art Advisory, specializing in curating and implementing custom art experiences in various industries across Las Vegas and internationally.

Selected artists include Anna Arphan, Sophia Arredondo, Sameer Asnani, Cesare Ceballos, Melissa Curley, Elena Fernandez, David Fleshman, Jesus Gonzalez, Nancy Good, Martha Hall, Cynthia Hamika, Jennifer Henry, Kim Johnson, Alison Johnston, Debbie Lambin, Lazer Lou, Grace Letourneau, Tracy Martin, Tess Mellinger, Julie Meyers, Bex Nikols, Hailey O’Halloran, Cristina Paulos, Novia Perkins, Gustavo Rico, Doris Morgan Rueda, Chelsea Rust, Richard Saladino, Daisy Sanchez, Anna Sarao, Shawanda Schiefer, Misty Scott-Carder, Skitterend Studios, Luis Soto Jr., Sonny Tsoi, Jade Webber, Jamie Zepeda, and Diane Zizka.

Best in Show has been awarded to Hailey O’Halloran’s “My Life Matters.” Honorable mentions were awarded to “The Magic of Harry” by Debbie Lambin and “Siquijor” by Jade Webber.  

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