Past Exhibit : Reflections

Past Exhibit : Reflections

Juried by Mikayla Whitmore


Photo by Mikayla Whitmore

Exhibit Dates: August 15, 2023 – September 30, 2023

Reception Date: Saturday, September 30, 2023, from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Location: Winchester Cultural Center, 3130 McLeod Dr, Las Vegas NV 89121

Reflections are concepts of perception and introspection. Many Mesoamerican cultures used obsidian to create reflective portals, black mirrors, into other worlds. Diving further into the esoteric, the mirror has also brought a lot of anxiety and superstition through beliefs such as demons trapped behind its surface and the childhood game, Bloody Mary. Vanity is another word that comes to mind when thinking of our reflections. You can see that in the tragedy of Narcissus falling in love with his own image and the clash of European industries in a race to perfect the looking glass due to popular demand. All in all, our mirror images both allure and terrify us. We invite artists to explore these dichotomies through their work, depicting and exploring the fantastical world of reflections!

Juror, Mikayla Whitmore is an artist and photojournalist working within the vast realms of photography, sculpture, and activism. In conversation with landscape, they utilize concepts of space & existentialism to convey their observations with the romanticization of the West, queer experience, and the appreciation of the sublime in the often mundane. Growing up in Las Vegas, and after obtaining their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in 2010, they have exhibited work nationally and internationally. A recent project includes the upcoming Live in America Performing Arts Festival at the Momentary Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. Their work can be found in various media, including The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, ESPN, and High Country News. Mikayla is a member of Women Photograph, a non-profit to elevate the voices of women and nonbinary visual journalists, and a collaborator of the Mystery Ranch, an art and ecology research station located near Searchlight, Nevada.

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Reflections feature work by the following artists: Angela Caballero-Fields, Juan Cuevas, Brian Delgado, Charlene Elma, Monette Felipe, Miguel Fonseca, Samantha Giddens, Justin Giordano, Pablo Gonzalez Flores, Jeffrey Bennington Grindley, Jodie Anne Huntley, Eugene Lang, Julie Lang, Heather Lang-Cassera, Jas Le, Sandra Lopez, Daija Miller, Mollie Miller, Lilian Moffett, Chelsea Rust, Emily Sarten, Dave Seidner, Ging Von Meijer, Mad Watson, and Xochil Xitlalli        

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