Clark County Unveils New Brand and Values and Launches New Adoption Campaign

Clark County Unveils New Brand and Values and Launches New Adoption Campaign

Clark County today launched a new brand, with a motto and values voted on by employees, to better inform and engage the community of the services and programs provided by the organization while also focusing efforts on the retention and recruitment of employees. With the launch of “Together for Better”, Clark county’s logo has been updated to reflect the motto and new values have been identified which will serve as the pillars of the organization’s culture as well as communication themes internally and externally: Public Service, Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Leadership, and Excellence.

The unveiling of this refreshed branding represents a significant step forward for Clark County, reflecting its dedication to creating an environment that prioritizes the well-being and success of all residents. The new brand values serve as guiding principles for the County's operations, interactions, and initiatives, reinforcing its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of governance and community engagement.

The cornerstone of this rebranding is the new motto, "Together for Better." This phrase encapsulates the County's dedication to fostering a sense of togetherness and cooperation among its diverse population. "Together for Better" underscores the county's commitment to collaboration and progress, highlighting the power of collective efforts in creating a brighter future for all who call Clark County home.

As part of this brand launch, the County’s website has been refreshed to help the public to more easily navigate the most searched for information.

"As we unveil the County’s new brand, we are embracing a future that is built on a foundation of service, integrity, respect, accountability, leadership, and excellence. These values represent who we are as a community and will guide our efforts to create a brighter future for all," said Clark County Commission Chairman Jim Gibson. "Our new motto, 'Together for Better,' encapsulates our shared commitment to working collaboratively toward a prosperous and harmonious Clark County."

“Our new identity is more than just an updated look; it reflects who we are as a county and what we stand for," said Clark County Chief Communications & Strategy Officer Jennifer Cooper. “These values highlight the County's commitment to fostering a culture of trust and responsibility, and a renewed promise to its residents to continue striving for excellence in all aspects of public service.”

Reflective of Together for Better, Clark County has launched a new campaign to help children who are available for adoption find their forever home. The “Find My Forever” Adoption campaign is intended to raise awareness about the adoption and foster process to help foster greater community engagement about this pressing challenge in our region. The campaign will be featured prominently on FOX5 KVVU, The Las Vegas Review-Journal, and The Las Vegas Review-Journal en Español with dedicated adoption segments airing on the second Tuesday of each month ensuring widespread visibility and engagement within the community. The profiles of these children will also be on the County’s social media channels monthly.

“The ‘Find My Forever’ Adoption campaign reflects the County's commitment to building strong, nurturing families, and ensuring a brighter future for its youngest members,” said Clark County Department of Family Services Director Jill Marano. "Through this campaign, we hope to raise awareness about adoption and encourage our community to come together to make a difference in the lives of these children."

The refreshed branding, core values and the launch of the "Find My Forever" Adoption campaign mark a pivotal moment in Clark County's history. By embracing its core values and uniting under a common purpose, the County is poised to achieve new heights of excellence while continuing to make a meaningful difference in the lives of its residents.

You can learn more about Clark County’s “Find My Forever” Adoption campaign at These videos will be highlighted on Clark County’s YouTube, social media pages and website.

To watch the video that introduces Clark County’s new brand, values and motto to our community click here.


Clark County is a dynamic and innovative organization dedicated to providing top-quality service with integrity, respect, accountability, leadership, and excellence. With jurisdiction over the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and covering an area the size of New Jersey, Clark is the nation’s 11th-largest county and provides extensive regional services to 2.3 million citizens and 41 million visitors a year (2022). Included are the nation’s 8th-busiest airport, air quality compliance, social services and the state’s largest public hospital, University Medical Center. The County also provides municipal services that are traditionally provided by cities to 1 million residents in the unincorporated area. Those include fire protection, roads and other public works, parks and recreation, and planning and development.

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